ACI Radio is the new voice of those who move: a program of a generalist radio that alternates - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week - music, entertainment, news, traffic news, traffic and weather information.

The broadcasts of the radio station of the Automobile Club of Italy, broadcast through digital technology DAB+ and the Web, also conveyed by an app that will facilitate the listening of the broadcaster and dialogue with the editorial staff. ACI Radio does not only talk about cars and mobility, but its content covers all the fields of action of the Automobile Club of Italy: from tourism to road safety, from sports to leisure and historic motoring, with updates of national and local infomobility in collaboration with the network "Luceverde", activated already in 2009 by ACI.

Through the DAB+ circuit, in this first phase of launch, ACI Radio already reaches, potentially, 57% of the Italian population in 34 provinces, thanks to 62 broadcasting facilities made available by RAI, But the catchment area will increase with the evolution of the Digital Audio Broadcasting system, focusing even more on the Mezzogiorno, the coastal areas and the Alps. A and programs on topics of greatest interest for motorists, motorcyclists, tourists and more generally those who move by any means, even on foot. In this phase there are already 6 news bulletins on the national road network every day and 2 on the local road network every hour for the cities of Rome and Milan, with 9 hours of columns a day that will soon become 12 for an increasingly continuous interaction with listeners. The Director of ACI Radio is Pierluigi Bonora, well-known automotive journalist with long experience in the editorial staff of the newspaper Il Giornale, while the Editorial Director is Geronimo La Russa, president of ACI Infomobility and the Automobile Club of Milan.

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